perfect relaxation

sometimes you just need to be in your own space to collect your thoughts and get rid of all the pre-wedding day madness. the answer is mobile massage therapy. contact […]

tweeking in the cottage

just doing a bit moving around..the beautiful photograph by andrew cowen was blown over in the wind and fell onto the glass that fell onto the floor that ruined the […]

encaustic tiles in federal

a couple of pictures of  really beautiful encaustic tiles from local company janta interiors  in the byron bay area.  they have selection old tiles from europe, reproduction tiles and a […]


my most favourite blog remodelista has picked our sink to be in the top 5 marble sinks!!!! i was doing my daily visit and there she was….our marble sink. a […]

sew and tell craft market

this is the best crafty market around..haha and strangetrader will have some reworked ethiopian towels that are still creatively in my head and not on the sewing machine……….but they will […]

display cabinet

this is display cabinet cottage…. i have an ever growing collection of birds nests…all from the farm and all so different in both size and technique. i keep wondering which […]

walls of flowers & wedding chairs

couple of amazing things going on here……bloody hell… how amazing to have walls and walls of flowers. even a wall…. one million installed here…..and second the black high shine chairs…..modern […]

yeah gardenia’s

love the first time you notice that the garden is springing to life…bud gardenia’s are one of my all time fave plants..  

mike & zoie continued

i love little lights…for zoie & mike’s wedding they had maria from divinity events put some beautiful lights on the fence and around the cottage…i am off to put up […]


playing and rearranging with some of the things in the cottage….i like to keep moving things around so its a little more interesting. two vases added… a vintage 50’s with […]