Katrina & Josh

We love the simplicity & earthiness of Katrina & Josh’s Wedding at Byronviewfarm, from the floral Garland arbour strung between the tress to an intimate Reception on the cottage Verandah. […]

Camille & Jesse

We love the way Blaise Bell Photography captured this whole Wedding for Camille & Jesse, and such a lovely laid back couple too boot.. Capturing Byronviewfarm Sunsets & light so […]

Sarah & Clark

Wow, Such a beautiful and relaxed couple with Sarah & Clarke, and what a way to enjoy their Reception by Dining outside, like the King of the Hill….Beautifully captured always […]

Peta & Rob

We love these Weddings at Byronviewfarm, it’s what were all about..Clear Marquess under starry skies.Here PETA & ROB Photo // Bush Turkey Studio Floral// The French Petal Celebrant//ByronBay Celebrant Co-ordination//Byron […]

boutonnière inspiration

the french term for buttonhole..a little floral decoration worn by men….traditionally placed on the left side along with the pocket handkerchief… here a few links to arouse your imagination…… modern […]


hard to miss the men with beards movement…. add a suit and a wedding… the combination we think is rather sexy…check out manual do macho alpha for a nice beard […]

i love copenhagen…

i think copehagen should be given the sticker I luv copenhagen… to me it is a place i feel truly comfortable in. its that  super cool relaxed scandi thing..it radiates […]

Table’s Set

  Some amazing weather, & weddings in full bloom for our Month in October, here we thought we’d share some inspirational Table setting, especially for that outdoor dining.. Table setting […]

Ring Ring

    Oh my ! I could have them all… so many different rings, not all Engagement, but honeymoon ring, could there be such a thing..Why not ! Here an […]

something modern

jewellery can make an amazing difference to how you decide to look on your wedding day. hedvig palm was shot by patrick demarchelier for uk vogue showing the trend for […]

All lit up !

    Lighting such an important part of your wedding night as it will set the mood & atmosphere straight away and relax the guests, if their not already relaxed! […]

Not your average Marshmellow

  As Summer still heats us up, were at it’s last month awaiting all those Autumn planned weddings.. These are just a few more of our favourites from the timeless […]

Floral Summer notes

        Firstly last post for the year, so why not finish on some Summer  floral and entertaining moments, that most of us will be enjoying, with plenty […]

The Metallic – Copper

  Just to share our love of COPPER as a product of the metallic family, being used more & more in every day interiors, why not include it into your […]

floral heaven, one part of many..

These floral Arbours by the French petal featured above at a wedding at ByronviewFarm, capturing the 180 degree view of the ocean, & the lighthouse in the background..Here also another […]

Setting down

  As flowers make any table setting look amazing, so do a mix of other items.. Here we’ve incorporated some idea’s with cutlery, & ceramics mixed prints , textures & […]

Lacey lovelies

Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s time bare some more skin, and what better way than with lace..Here some inspirational Lovely Lace some of my favourite fabric,texture, look, romanticism. Images […]

Spring Wreaths & garlands

  Can’t help ourselves, on the  Floral Wreath inspo, but with some amazing & creative idea’s out there, & why not ! hey it’s Spring, time to get excited with all […]

wedding video idea

click the link to watch this slow motion video. i think it would be an amazing idea for a wedding video.beautiful serene and sexy…..australian petrina hicks art photographer has a […]

Paper Lanterns

        Just recently at Byronviewfarm, Nicole&Mike had their fab day, where they incorporated some simple paper lanterns,hanging near the bamboo, just in front of the entrance to […]

annie&ben and a friend

    annie&ben  special day was on the 31st march 2014 at byron view farm…wow!  sneak peak  photos by emma holecroft from giddy up camera club  thanks to annie for sending […]


got an invite to confettisystem party this friday…would love to go but sadly its tooooooo far from byron bay.sad. anyway check out the online shop for all the goodies available […]

ring ring part1

i have found more than one online store to find interesting ideas for wedding rings …part1  (part2 gathering now) seems to lead towards fine elegant diamond bands but what an […]

sparkle love

mel&simon had the perfect idea for a beautiful picture……sparkles. what i would like to know is how many goes did it take to get the “love”. well done beck rocchi […]


i love the idea of creating a room into a surprise…….something a little bit more exciting than the normal. the inspiration starts with the idea and then you bring into […]

diy mirror

really simple…….buy the frame you want and slosh some paint onto it. put the blue painters tape on the glass to stop the drips…i’m a drippy painter! dry. then get […]

encaustic tiles in federal

a couple of pictures of  really beautiful encaustic tiles from local company janta interiors  in the byron bay area.  they have selection old tiles from europe, reproduction tiles and a […]


my most favourite blog remodelista has picked our sink to be in the top 5 marble sinks!!!! i was doing my daily visit and there she was….our marble sink. a […]

drink and be merry

a little bit late to let you in on my secret summer drinks…. this is my choice. dan murphys in ballina has an amazing selection of fantastic european wines at […]

sew and tell craft market

this is the best crafty market around..haha and strangetrader will have some reworked ethiopian towels that are still creatively in my head and not on the sewing machine……….but they will […]

display cabinet

this is display cabinet cottage…. i have an ever growing collection of birds nests…all from the farm and all so different in both size and technique. i keep wondering which […]

walls of flowers & wedding chairs

couple of amazing things going on here……bloody hell… how amazing to have walls and walls of flowers. even a wall…. one million installed here…..and second the black high shine chairs…..modern […]

yeah gardenia’s

love the first time you notice that the garden is springing to life…bud gardenia’s are one of my all time fave plants..  

mike & zoie continued

i love little lights…for zoie & mike’s wedding they had maria from divinity events put some beautiful lights on the fence and around the cottage…i am off to put up […]


i have been looking at getting some more cards and some thank-you notes for BVF…..then i started thinking how fab they could be as decorations and art….just frame them! here […]

jack bottom hair nest

jack had a little haircut around his bottom when we returned from our trip a month ago, yesterday this nest fell out of a tree………busy birds and how about the […]


how beautiful are these decorations? from the uber cool  company confetti system,  they also do bespoke and better yet they ship to australia…… a  beautiful glittering madness.