hard to miss the men with beards movement…. add a suit and a wedding… the combination we think is rather sexy…check out manual do macho alpha for a nice beard update. inspirational looks from dimitris alexandrou for vogue spain…..weddings issue…and pinterest.

fashion wise these looks work. the statement dandyish jacquard weave jacket in peacock blue with mismatched trousers. the formal pintuck shirt has a relaxed feel because of the open neck and unbuttoned shirt cuffs. a small flower bud and the pocket hanky add the correct details for the occasion but this is super cool modernisim. the grooming makes this look come really messy casual  and the beard gives him a more masculine look contrasting with the dandylook…. more ideas to work with…..the dark t.shirt under the super sharp satin shawl collar tuxedo. the super tight suit classic look….add a bow tie…a real contrast of sharp hair and a well groomed angular beard……….still  going strong  super slim trousers that are ankle revealing and add an instant casualness.. no socks. …..maybe a topknot


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 23.33.03  fb1865aba54d0bc29138e2536b4337bf