tuxedo cool

bed hair

no socks

leather tie tuxedo&chambrey

shirt mix

can you make a classic mans tux have a relaxed feel and work? the tuxedo in all its classicness can be a little uninspired but see how easy it is to sex it up…a bit of a beard and some wild hair and it works on a whole new level. classic brands available online , paul smith, givenchy, saint laurent , hardy amies , lanvin and hackett…all showing at mr porter

check out uk father&son designers by casely-hayford its all about blue.  usa  brand j crew who also have a great wedding section for men..they are also updating the tuxedo look…..adding a denim or a pink shirt  can make all the difference and note the trouser leg is slightly shorter! showing a little ankle with the no sock add a classic darby or a trainer. difference.

bow tie or black leather skinny tie? the usa topman store has mixed up the conventional and come up with an alternative. topman  it may be the bed hair that creates more attitude or the rock&roll band look that relaxes the look…. or what about a floral broach for the  lapel.
a little attitude makes the difference…check out fashionisto.com