Harriet & Mike

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‘We are from Sydney but travelled to Byron Bay on the wettest and windiest day possible. Everyone arrived on the red Double-decker Magic Bus where they had already started the celebrations! We bunkered down during the storm on the verandah of Byronview Farm and got married. We even braved the storm for some photographs in the paddocks wearing gumboots – needless to say, we got drenched! We finished the day off drinking cocktails while listening to some amazing music from Ziggy Alberts.’ // Harriet & Mike on their wedding Day up at Byronviewfarm..

Styled by themselves  Aquired style (Bride & Groom), Photography Alex Carlyle Photography, floral abundance & Harriet’s crown The French Petal, co-ordinated by Byron Bay Weddings, Hair Jarrah_Hustler_Hair & to mention that luscious looking cake Hansel & gretel cakes..