mirror mirror

  finally a full length mirror………what with the steamer , the long table that works as a hair and make-up department we are all set for the new wedding season!

diy mirror

really simple…….buy the frame you want and slosh some paint onto it. put the blue painters tape on the glass to stop the drips…i’m a drippy painter! dry. then get […]

perfect relaxation

sometimes you just need to be in your own space to collect your thoughts and get rid of all the pre-wedding day madness. the answer is mobile massage therapy. contact […]

tweeking in the cottage

just doing a bit moving around..the beautiful photograph by andrew cowen was blown over in the wind and fell onto the glass that fell onto the floor that ruined the […]

magazine coverage

i was looking through the lovely feather&stone website and i came across a wedding we had up at the farm , mitch&kirby, that was published in the magazine peppermint. always […]